Thursday, June 20, 2013

Farm Country

Farm County! We liek to do this a few times throughout the year! 
The girls love animals and to ride the horses! 

This was on spring break and it was very busy! We still had a lot of fun! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A few Misc Pics!

I take  more photos with my iphone! What would I do without it!??

 Jeremy and his Goatee... it was getting long so he braided it for fun... 
 The above pic is a little blury but this is what Madison got with ALL her 1st places in St George! 
 Lunch date with the girls. McDonalds of course! 
 We love to go to the park as much as we can. In the summer it is almost a every night thing. My girls LOVE the monkey Bars! 
 So the Easter Bunny brought NO candy! How in teh world did we still end up with sooo much candy!! Thanks you grandparents and Oak City and your easter egg hunts!! ha ha ( this all was thrown away after i took the picture! we are doing no sugar in the house now!)
 KK when she needs a drink. It cracks me up everytime i see her do this! 
 We love to go to the movie as a family! Every kid friendly movie that comes out we will be there! 
 Poor Kitsy! Seems to always be in something... 
 I decided to have a relax workout day and decided Yoga would be it! I was wrong! Yoga hurts and is harder than i thought! I love it so much though and look forward to it every week! Jeremy went and bought me my own yoga mat! I love it! 
 The above and lower picture is at the dermatologist! We went to have a Mole checked for Madison. The Dr said.. its not so bad dont be scared! ill look at your mom 1st to show you! He asked - Any moles you hate on your mom? she of course said YES! Both girls and the husband hates the moles on my neck! So he says want me to take them off, i say sure.. Madison yells YES!! so he froze them off.. it hurt  sooo bad! Madison got checked and im out with these red marks that burn like H***!! You can see she is so thrilled!  

 KK loves Jeremys lizards. When he is out of town she loves to take care of them! 
Madison couldnt find her ipod... so she sat at teh table and wrote on the table.. ggrrrr... i did get it off with no problem though! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easter Bunny..... & Shepherd Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Bunny Baskets Sunday Morning. 

We then went to the Shepherds for a BBQ and and Easter Egg Hunt 

Sp lucky to have 2 great families to spend time with! Another Great Holiday! 

Christensen Easter Weekend

For Easter weekend we went to Oak City and hung out at my Mom and Dads. 
We had a lot of fun, riding 4 wheelers, Playing with cousins, easter egg hunts and sitting by the fire. 
We had a lot of fun and feel so lucky to have family and cousins to have so much fun! 

Oak City Easter egg hunt. 

 Grandma and Grandpa Easter baskets. They got coloring books, clothes, candy and outside toys... (jump ropes, chalk and jacks)

 This is the eater egg hunt i planned for the kids. 

 Jeremy teaching my mom to shoot guns. 
 Her shirt if full of shells. 

 Rolling easter eggs down the sand dunes. 

 They love when my dad gives them hammers, wood and nails...